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Loading sliced sample in Sample one confusion

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asked Mar 21, 2017 in Studio One 3 by sangamc (690 points)

Hi Support,

I am trying to find documentation for what the expected behavior should be when loading a Sliced sample into sample one or impact. Please help me understand what to expect when attempting this.

Attached below is a sliced sample loaded into sample one. The slices are spread across the keys and the sample is viewable in the main window such that I can manipulate start/end points of each slice.

How do I ensure this always happens. Or at least understand what it is about a sliced sample that will make it always load this way.

What happens more times than not is each slice will get its own edit window eliminating the ability to adjust start/end points of slices in the context of the whole sample. Super frustrating since its not consistent or documented. Its making me consider switching to other software.

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answered Mar 21, 2017 by sangamc (690 points)
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1. Drop in an audio file, a common audio loop. 
2. "Split at Grid" 
3. Hit G to make it into an Audio Part. 
4. Drag that out to the file browser to export it as an *.audioloop. 
5. Drag that *.audioloop back into Sample One, and it showed up the way you showed in your image, with all slices in the one view.