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i ordered presonus audio box and im having trouble hooking it up

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asked Mar 23, 2017 in AudioBox USB by renardpace2 (120 points)
i was wondering how you could me because  in the little book that came with it it says something bout a cd but i didnt have one in my box

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answered Mar 23, 2017 by AlexTinsley (912,190 points)

There is no CD in the box anymore. Just register your interface at to receive Studio One 3 Artist in your account. 

Do follow the instructions in the book on how to setup and run your device. Thank you for reading the manual. yes

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answered Mar 24, 2017 by jasonharris5 (360 points)

Good luck, I'm pretty new to it too but I can offer a bit of advice.....If you got the Artist version and you're a beginner, just play around with it until you understand it a bit better. Then if you're looking to eventually upgrade to the Professional version, just wait until Presonus send you emails offering you discounts on programs & add ons, and then get the Professional version.

For example - Presonus sent me an email offering me 30% off Studio One & add ons on St Patrick's day and as I'd been using Artist for about 10 months, I'd gotten into Studio One and learnt enough to not give up on it and want to upgrade. So looking in the Presonus shop, I saw that I could upgrade from Artist to Pro for £209, which isn't too bad by itself because Pro is, i think, £279 in their shop and £339 on amazon.

Anyway, with the 30% off discount I got the upgrade to Professional for £142, And as I got my Artist version for free with my Audiobox iTwo recording bundle, I thought that was a great deal, especially as the upgrade gives you a ton of Presonus add ons, loops, samples, instruments, etc for free. The add ons must be worth £200 if you were to buy them separately !

So what I'd do is play with Artist for a while, don't buy any of the Presonus add ons yet, and be patient til they send you an email offering you discounts in the Presonus shop....and they will send them. I received offers most months and the St Patrick's offer let me upgrade to Professional and now I have loads of new features on my Studio One such as things like arpeggiator, as well as all the add ons & plug ins. You can't fault that if you're going to be using your Studio One a lot. cool