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Connection and noise problems with Firestudio Mobile

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asked Mar 28, 2017 in FireStudio Series by merdozhatesu (150 points)

Hi, sorry to disturb you, I've found a similar question in the forum, but with no real answer, so I'll try to make my own question:

I use a Presonus Firestudio Mobile on a computer with Asus Z170 Pro Gaming Motherboard, Intel i7-6700 Processor, 32 (16x2) GB Corsair Vengeance LPX RAM, Corsair AX860 Power supply, Windows 10 home and updated presonus drivers (1.7.4).

I experience this strange problem: if I connect the firestudio mobile to the computer with the 6 pin firewire, it is very noisy (digital noise it seems), and it turns off when the computer is turned off (if I don't use his power supply); if I connect it with 4 pin firewire, it is less noisy, it need its power supply (obviously), but it disconnect when I push some light switches nearby (in other rooms too, anyway); I mean, when I turn on and off some lights in the house, the audio interface disconnect: no audio, and red-blue light blinking (sometimes, but it's rare, no audio but no blinking too, it stays blue but the audio goes away).

After some tries, I think the power supply could play a big role in this, but I don't know what to do to solve it (consider that with the 6 pin connection it doesn't have the disconnection problem, but it's really really noisy).

A last thing: I altready tried to connect all, I mean really all (computer, studio monitors, audio interface etc.) to an external "power provider" (sorry, I don't know the right word, a frind gave it too me to try this way); I mean, nothing was connected to the house's electrical system... but the problem persisted! It was only less immediate: after some light switch clicks it disconnected, even if all was connected to an external power (audio interface included).

Please help me with this, with the 6pin noise problem and/or with the 4pin/power supply disconnection problem.

Thanks in advance.


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answered Jun 26, 2017 by AlexTinsley (907,060 points)
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You may have some grounding issues in your home electrical wiring which are interfering with the ground in your computer which is indirectly affecting your audio interface.

Consider looking into a Hum Elimnator from Ebtech: and/or investing in a UPS from APC (available from computer and office supply stores) that gives you a transformer isolated output that would separate the electrical ground from whatever is in your wall.