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How can I record multiple guitar tracks using Audiobox USB and Studio One 3 Artist

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asked May 23, 2017 in AudioBox USB by stephenbarton (160 points)
I am running a PC Lenovo G50 with Windows 8.1, whatever the latest version of Studio One 3 Artist we are on to date: just did another update today 5/23/2017. Now, when I am running two guitar tracks (one rhythm and one lead) it is like I am just stacking my virtual amp models on top of one another and the initial track sounds great but when adding the second or third guitar track to my 2 input USB Audiobox it goes into a terrible amount of distortion and it sounds so horrible like a bad AM radio station. To further explain this when I then move on to drums and record live drums with two mics and add say reverb or a drum preset in Studio One 3 the effect then gets added onto the guitar track and so on and so on. I understand I technically I only have two inputs but is the only way to record multiple guitar tracks is to record them directly from my amp? I can, but it is so much easier in the initial demo phase of writing a song to simply use guitar presets and lay down my basic guitar tracks. Then track my drums, bass, then real guitar, and vocals. I have tried to set up additional inputs but that obviously does not work since I only have two (I thought I could trick it into adding more- yeah right!).

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answered May 24, 2017 by maxstratmann (42,650 points)
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When recording with your AudioBox USB you will want to create a new track for each instrument you wish to record. For example, one track for your rhythm guitar, one for your lead guitar, one for your bass, etc. However, each time you create a new track you will need to make sure that each track has the appropriate input selected on the track from the AudioBox as well as making sure that you only have the track that you wish to record with record enabled. If you have multiple tracks record enabled with the same input selected then all of those tracks will end up recording the same signal.