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Make Audio Parts Play Mode default to "Overlaps" when creating Audio Part on track with "Play overlaps" enabled.

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asked May 31, 2017 in Studio One Feature Requests by requestsandquestions (1,000 points)
Audio Parts are a great way of staying organised and efficient when handling audio, but it can be irritating once you've finished arranging a section and then decide to merge the events into an Audio Part, and upon re-listening, you discover that the sequence is not playing back as was programmed. Why does this occur? Because on occasion, separate audio events that were overlapping and playing fine (due to the "Play overlaps" option enabled), are now being trimmed due to the Play Mode of the Audio Part set by default to "Normal".

This scenario is error prone I've found and could be fixed by simply checking whether the track was set to "Play overlaps" enabled and if so, when creating Audio Parts on the track, default the Play Mode to "Overlaps". Similarly, if the track has "Play overlaps" disabled upon creating Audio Parts, then set the Play Mode to "Normal" for that part.

The benefit is that someone working with overlapped content will have their arrangement continue to play identically when creating Audio Parts without the need to ensure that is still the case. The workarounds are to bounce any overlapping audio events before creating Audio Parts so that the Play Mode "Normal" will not cause any unexpected behaviour, however, this is a destructive workflow. The alternative is to ensure that the z-ordering of the layered audio events is so that earlier audio events are underneath later ones, so when they are transformed into an Audio Part, Play Mode "Normal" will not trim anything. But again, this has limitations with respect to the desired workflow as "Normal" will still trim what's behind. Of course, one could just set the Play Mode to "Overlaps", but ideally, one should not have to check each and every Audio Part that it is correctly set to ensure the playback of the sequence will be as heard prior to Audio Part creation.

Being able to keep the audio events overlapped, without needing to bounce or change their z-ordering, or having to manually set each Audio Part to "Overlaps" mode would make my workflow, and hopefully other's, better.


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answered May 31, 2017 by AlexTinsley (925,100 points)
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