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[Bug] Disabling plug-ins when duplicating a track (complete)

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asked Jun 12, 2017 in Studio One 3 by dmitrypetrenko (2,990 points)
Studio One 3.5 Occurs when the track is completely duplicated (along with the content in the insert). If you add a new plug-in to the duplicate track in the insert, the old plug-ins stop working. We have to re-open them.

My System: Win10x64; MB: P8Z77; Intel Core i7 3770K; 16GbDDR3SDRAM; RME Babyface.

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answered Jun 13, 2017 by TechSupport77 (195,970 points)
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Thank you for reporting this issue.  We were able to re-create the problem and have logged it internally with our development team.  Should this issue be addressed in a future build of Studio One, you will see it listed in the release notes.  Thanks for all of your patience.
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answered Jun 14, 2017 by dmitrypetrenko (2,990 points)
Thanks for the quick response. Very much appreciated the ongoing work to improve, no doubt an excellent DAW.