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Plugin management problem

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asked Dec 8, 2017 in Studio One 3 by erikfischer1 (170 points)

Not sure if I found a bug or if something else going on... 

I created a folders for my Dynamic Plugins directly in Plugin window (under folders tab). Howvere, as I realize that it was saved under Instruments, I wanted to delete it. When I try to delete the folder (right click/Delete) nothing happens? I have tried to restart Studio One, but the folders are still there.

Erik Fischers foto.

I also tried another solution. 
1. Either try to delete it (right click and choose delete). Nothing happens.
2. try to rename it (Right click). For example from DYNAMICS to DRUMS. Instead of getting deleted, I get a new folder named DRUMS (placed with the other folders), but Dynamics are still there. However, I can delete the DRUMS folder. But DYNAMICS are still there....

Where do I find the folders in the windows explorer? I think I need to delete it there perhaps. For the record - I have moved my User Data Location (Songs, Projects, Presets) to an external drive F://STUDIO ONE

Any help would be great:)

Best regards


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