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Ability to tag customer created sound files

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asked Jun 13, 2017 in Studio One Feature Requests by gottfriedbergmair (11,980 points)
Allowing multiple tags for user created sound files or music files would be a very helpful feature. The predefined tag groups (style, instrument, character) and the predefined S1 tags should work fine. Of course the search function should be able to search for customer defined sounds too.

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answered Jun 14, 2017 by AlexTinsley (850,950 points)
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answered Mar 24 by toddwmac (190 points)
You can if you pack them into a soundset

1)   As described in Marcus's video , to add tags, you must be working on a mounted Sound Set and not a Packed and Installed Sound Set.  See video for details on building soundsets

2)   When you have the Sound Set open and a file selected,  look at the tag area just above the audition controls, you will see the:   Tags: button,  existing tags,  and a + sign.

3)   Clicking just after the  Tags: button (or the last tag) will get you a text entry cursor

4)   You can now type new tags (I avoid spaces in my tags but I'm not sure if it is necessary).  Be sure to hit enter after each tag the new tag will turn green

5)   That file is now tagged and you can now drag and drop that new tag  onto files and even better...folders!

6)   Using the Alt key on windows (sorry not a Mac guy) while you drag will remove the tag you are dragging from any file you land on.  It also works on Folders to remove tags in bulk.

7)   You will see a little green dot on  file icon next to each file you've tagged.  I found this helpful when tagging large sets of files that were not arranged in content specific folders.

8)   If drag and drop is not a way you like to work, you can select a tag then copy it and using your keyboard copy / paste keystrokes and you can paste it into the tag area of another file  (in Windows you can copy w/the mouse but you must paste with Ctrl C)

9) You cannot paste a tag onto a Folder


> You will NOT see your custom tags in the Search By Tag filter area so you will need to type them into the search for box.

> FWIW, I created a little file named MyTags stored in a MyTags Sound Set that I keep mounted.  I keep the file tagged with all my custom tags so I can remember what to search on.  Not a big deal with a few custom tags but when you get dozens, it makes a difference.

> Tags are found by the   Search For   field in the Home, Instrument, Effects and Loops tabs w/in the browser.

> The Home tab is not context sensitive....the others are.  By this I mean that searching while in the Home Tab will effectively search across the Instrument, Effects & Loops tabs

> If you have ever searched for an audio file,  right clicked on it to show it in context and had the Show In Context grayed out....this might be the reason why:  You must have the Search In focus of the Files Tab pointing to Sound Sets.