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"Audio Finder" like tagging Browser for "Files", Akai VIP like tagging browser for Vst/AU

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asked May 25, 2016 in Studio One Feature Requests by dotcom12161984 (2,460 points)
retagged May 25, 2016 by dotcom12161984

I use Akai VIP to organize and tag my patches for VSTs, i wish to be able to do the same with my Audio Samples from within the Studio One browser. Like i love the way i can audition a loop or a drum sound time synced but that would be advantageous to any sample based producers workflow to be able to integrate say a "Audio Finder" workflow within the browser while also being able to detach the browser as you can do with the mixer and editor. So say i have i have multiple construction kits....i want to be able to tag my hi hat loops from each one as "Hat" and any other custom tags i deem needed. If i have saxophone loop i want to be able to tag it saxaphone, the key that its in (while also being able to shift keys to the key of the song from the browser while auditioning in sync) and of course whatever other custom tags i deem necessary.  I have over 200,000 drum samples, extremely frustrating finding the "best" suited Snare or Kick for the genre i may be producing in at the time and going folder to folder so i don't break up my individual drum packs instead of being able to tag "kick" "EDM" "Punchy" "DoTcOm" "Clean" "pre-mastered" etc... . If you could integrate an Akai VIP type organization to the VSTs & patches that would be nice as well so as i find sounds that i know i would use i can pretty much make my own VST consisting of all of my favorite sounds from all of my VSTs that i can custom tag.  

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answered Aug 7, 2016 by AlexTinsley (908,160 points)

Thank you for the feature request. 

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