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Discreet line inputs on Thunderbolt interface

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asked Jun 21, 2017 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by billcuff (160 points)
Hi. I'd like your opinion on the following "is it just me or what?" question. I'm currently using a Presonus FireStudio Mobile. The I/O on this device fits my needs perfectly in that it has six discreet line inputs. I would like to get a Thunderbolt interface to go with a new iMac but seemingly all manufactures have given up on discreet line inputs. To get what I want I would have to buy an interface with eight combo inputs. This means that I'll also be paying for eight mic preamps that I don't need since I have my own. I realize that any interface will come with at least two preamps.

It's hard to imagine that I'm the only one with these requirements. My budget will get me a two in, two out Thunderbolt interface. I won't be able to leave everything plugged in as I do now. I use some sounds from my keyboard and will frequently have to render MIDI to audio before changing sources. I can't see that ADAT is the solution. In any event I wouldn't want to pay for the extra hardware.

Thanks in advance.

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answered Jun 23, 2017 by AlexTinsley (917,470 points)
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An option would be to use the DigiMax DP88 that has a 25 Pin Connection for 8 Discreet Line Inputs that bypasses the Mic-Pre's. 

The DP88 can be controlled via LightPipe from Quantum as well with control in Studio One.