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My Quantum interface will not properly connect to my MacBook Pro. Blue thunderbolt light flashing infinitely.

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asked Jun 6 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by mattstevens4 (200 points)
I recently factory reset my Mac.  As of yesterday, you'd plug in the thunderbolt connector and it would work perfectly fine.  Today, it won't stop flashing.  I tried multiple versions of Universal Control, I tried enabling/disabling Gatekeeper on my Mac, and I'm simply stuck...

Has this happened to anyone else?  Where is the issue here?

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answered Jun 8 by somosound (160 points)
Can you confirm you are using the most current UC and that drivers are all installed. It sounds that if you did a fresh install something wasn't reinstalled.
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answered Jun 8 by mattstevens4 (200 points)
selected Jun 25 by benpierce
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Update:  although I had the newest drivers and firmware installed, the problem turned out to be within the thunderbolt ports themselves on my MacBook. A factory reset corrected the issue.