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Why won't my ASUS Thunderbolt enabled Z170 motherboard or ZenBook see my firewire interface?

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asked Oct 23, 2015 in FireStudio Series by AlexTinsley (910,790 points)
When using a motherboard such as any of the Intel Z170 series chipset motherboards or ZenBook laptops from ASUS or any other computer with a Thunderbolt port on it with an Apple Thunderbolt to 1394 adapter (or a similar Thunderbolt to FireWire adapter), my firewire device (FireStudio Project, Mobile, StudioLive, StudioLive Ai Console or Rack) is not seen by the computer.

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answered Oct 23, 2015 by AlexTinsley (910,790 points)
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PreSonus has learned that even though the whole ASUS (motherboard and laptop) board range has a Thunderbolt I/O control header and bios level support for Thunderbolt, that as of early September,  ASUS feature had not validated the implementation, even though they were shipping products with the feature on board. 

The solution is to go to the ASUS support site and look for a BIOS update that enables Thunderbolt to work properly. Once updated then the Thunderbolt should operate correctly. 

Keep in mind that Microsoft does not officially support Thunderbolt, performance may not be optimal. If you're having any troubles and you're on a desktop, then opt in for a PCIe 1394 card with a TI XIO2213 chipset such as the SIIG NN-FW0012-S1.