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CS18ai / RM32ai Talkback

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asked Jul 3, 2017 in StudioLive CS18Ai by JC Goodson (250 points)
I recently purchased a CS18ai to operate a RM32ai.  Everything is working correctly except I cannot seem to get the talkback to work...

I have a Cat5 connected between the CS and RM via Motu AVB switch.  I have the talkback source set to 'CS18 TB1' both on the CS and on the RM.   I have selected linked mix 15/16 as the talkback routing assignment (my IEM channel).  I have all mutes off.  I have all gains on (TB, main, mono, my IEM has the TB gain up, etc).  I pressed the 'talk' button on the CS (talk is illuminated).  I have a mic plugged into TB1 on the back of the CS.  But I'm getting no signal (sound) through the routing path TB mic / CS / Cat5 / RM / IEM?  In addition, none of the signal input meters light up when talking into the mic.  It's like the TB is either muted or I'm routing something incorrectly?

I've read something about the TB must be set to Network.  I cannot find this option on the CS or RM? Is this from an older software revision?

Any help, tips, or suggestions would be much appreciated.  


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answered Jul 9, 2017 by JC Goodson (250 points)
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Below is the answer I received from Presonus.  After following these instructions Talk Back now works!  The difference for me was to make sure I engaged the 'Custom' button on the CS in the TB section (see #3 and #5).  Using this method, I Did Not have to change Ch 31 or 32 to Network.  After following the steps below, just make sure 'mutes' are off and the TB fader is up on the aux(s) you selected.  The example below uses aux 15/16 which are my linked IEM aux channels.  You should substitute 15/16 with whatever aux you want to use for TB.  

From Presonus:

To have the Talkback Channel assigned, you'll need to assign the TB input using the Edit button on the Talkback setup.

As an example setup, try this:

1. Select the Edit button on the Talkback section

2. Assign TB input; use the CS18 TB 1 as the input from the Dropdown menu.

3. While in that same screen, assign the Custom TB assignments to Mix 15/16. Exit the menu by dis-engaging the Edit button.

To test whether the TB is going to the mixes (Need headphones):

4. Press the 'Edit' Button in the Monitor / Headphone Section. Assign the Cue source to be either 15 or 16 (currently, cannot Cue select a Stereo Link Aux in Cue output). Exit the Edit screen.

5. Now, engage the Cue button in the Monitor Section, then engage the 'Custom' Button in the TB section.

6. Now engage the 'Talk' button to turn on the Talkback. You should hear the TB source.

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answered Jul 4, 2017 by lilduke (140 points)
Select channel 31 on the cs18. Hit the gear icon to access settings and select network as the input mode. Same with channel 32 to use cs18 tb2 input. 3 and 4 replace the tape input on the rm.
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answered Jul 4, 2017 by JC Goodson (250 points)
edited Jul 11, 2017 by JC Goodson

Thank you lilduke for the reply.  I did as suggested.  I selected 31 / 32 on the CS and connected to network.  In addition, I found an issue with my Cat5 connection to the AVB switch.  I mistakenly had the cat5 connection from the RM going into the 'E' port on the AVB.  I moved it to one of the other ports (leaving the e port open).

I now have signal from the mic connected to the CS (TB1) to channel 31 which is in 'network' mode.  

Now I could use some help with how to route the TB channel.  Currently, ch31 has fader control for the mic plugged into TB1 on the CS mixer.  I want to control TB using the TB channel (I use ch 31 for music in all my saved scenes).  I went to the TB channel on the RM and selected ch31 as the input.  I also tried selecting CS18 TB1 but neither provided fader control for the mic plugged into TB1 on the CS.  I want to use the 'talk' button on the mixer along with TB fader control etc.. but I can only get ch31 (fader) to work.

Any help with how to set up the TB channel would be appreciated.
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answered Jul 5, 2017 by abrand2 (32,020 points)

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