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My CS18AI cannot detect the RM32AI via direct ethernet connection.

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asked Aug 23, 2016 in StudioLive CS18Ai by hefferichtan (160 points)
My CS18AI does not detect the RM mixer if I just do a direct connection via ethernet cable between them without the dongles plugged in or without a wireless network. My CS18AI can only control the RM32AI wirelessly but not when connected directly by ethernet.

I have updated bothe the CA18AI and the RM32AI to the latest firmware.

Do I need a router or an AVB switch? I would prefer to just use an ethernet cable to connect the two together so that I can use the RM32AI as a stagebox for the CS18AI

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answered Aug 24, 2016 by wahlerstudios (104,410 points)

Have a look:

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answered Aug 24, 2016 by hefferichtan (160 points)

Thank you for your reply. I have seen the Youtube video. It does not help. I have followed the instructions on the video before posting my problem here in the forum. Following the instruction in the Youtube video, I am able to get my CS to work with the RM mixer but once I switch off my router, my CS will no longer be able to control my RM rack mixer even though they are connect via the ethernet CAT6 cable.

I wanted my RM to work as a stagebox to my CS18AI. I do not want to have a router in between and have a additional point of potential problem. If somehow power to my router is interrupted or the Wi-Fi signal is lost, my CS will lose connection to the RM.

If you just connect the CS to the RM with just an ethernet cable without the Wi-Fi dongle installed, the CS will not be able to find the RM mixer even when you press the UCNET button repeatedly.

After many, many hours trial and error and countless hours researching all the info I can find online, I have finally gotten my CS18AI to work with my RM32AI with ONLY the ethernet cable installed. No need for the Wi-Fi dongles and a router. I can finally use the RM32AI as a stagebox to my CS18AI. I verified the connection by removing the wi-fi dongles on the RM and the CS, switch off the sets and turning them back on again without the dongles installed. Only the CAT6 cable was connecting the sets. It all works fine! I siwtch off and on the sets many times and it still works. I am finally able to use the RM as a stage box to the CS without having to lug a router along to the set. I used 80m of CAT6 cable between the RM and the CS for an event and it worked fine. The trick is to set both the CS and the RM mixer to a static network address with a common gateway.

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answered Aug 25, 2016 by wahlerstudios (104,410 points)
Well, I think this is exactly, what the video says (if you can interprete, what Ray is saying). I have no CS18, but I think I would get a direct connection running... Good, that it works for you now. Enjoy your new tools!