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S1 Macro move cursor by x milliseconds or move start of region by x milliseconds

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asked Jul 4, 2017 in Studio One 3 by risotto (2,100 points)
Is there any usable macro action that moves the cursor backwards by x milliseconds or moves the start of region by x milliseconds?

All I've found is without a fixed value and depends on the time format, zooming and anything, so to say is not predictable how long it will be.

What I want to do is a macro for editing toms which does:

next hotspot -> select region from cursor to next hotspot -> move start of region back by 5 ms -> split at region -> create autofades with 2ms

Everything works fine except to move the cursor or the start of region to a predictable position before the hotspot.
I'm thankful for every idea I get on this. :)

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answered Jul 5, 2017 by PreSonuSupt4 (221,080 points)
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If you turn off snapping nudge will automatically move in one millisecond steps, otherwise it will move things based on the current grid divisions.  This works fine for selected media but not so much for the play cursor as there is no command action to nudge the play cursor directly.  To do that requires a macro to create a range, move the range, and then locate the play cursor to the range.


  • Create Range From Cursor  (create a range which can be moved)
  • Move Range (moves the range forward, or Move Range Back moves backward, left)
  • Locate Selection (moves the play cursor to the range start position)

Essentially allowing you to "nudge" the play cursor forward or backward like you would with media clips.