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closed Request: Notion custom rules GUI should read ExpressionList.tpk for techniques instead of hard-coded list

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asked Jul 17, 2017 in Notion Feature Requests by dcd111 (1,020 points)
closed Jul 25, 2017 by dcd111
EDIT: Turns out I was wrong, Notion does in fact read directly from ExpressionList.tpk.  The Custom Sounds techniques don't show up in the custom rules GUI because they don't have an "Expression name" defined in the xml.  But I can confirm that techniques added to this file with an expression name do show up in the techniques dropdown.  So this request is moot.

Original request below:

The hard-coded techniques list doesn't include all of the available techniques that can be tested by custom rules.  For example, Custom Sounds 1-10 aren't on the techniques dropdown in the custom rules editor, but they are still available to be entered using apostrophe, and it will work if manually entered into the prules xml and imported as a ruleset.  But if I edit the ruleset in Notion, all techniques not listed in the download are broken (actually, they are changed to Circle Symbol).

Also, it can be very useful to customize the expressionlist.tpk file to add additional techniques.  For example, I'm writing a ruleset for a vocal library and I'm adding the available syllables in the library to the list of techniques.  This works if the ruleset is created in xml, which is what I would do anyway, but I can't tweak the ruleset in Notion because the techniques not listed in the dropdown will all be broken.
closed with the note: Question is moot, see the edit in original post.

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answered Jul 17, 2017 by Skip Jones (165,690 points)

Thank you for the feature request. 

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