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Use Custom Rules for Recording

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asked Jul 12, 2016 in Notion Feature Requests by patrickmller4 (530 points)
I want to use an example to make my idea clear (sorry for my bad english).

Let's say i create a one line drum-staff and i make a custom ruleset for a snare drum with two options: 1) The note B on the drum-staff should trigger the note C on my soundmodule (let's say that's a usual snare hit). Also the Note B but written as a tremolo should trigger the note D on my soundmodule (which plays back the tremolo sample). If i use the step-time-input or the mouse-input method, than it is easy to realize. But when i want to use the realtime-record-mode it gets complicated.

If i record the note B then the wrong sample gets played back while recording or jamming, because the custom rules only work at playback. Or i play the right notes (C and D) on my keyboard, but later on i have to invest time to manually move them to the right place (to the note B) and assign the correct articulations (the tremolo) to them, so that the custom rules can work the right way.

Maybe its possible to add an option "Use custom rules for recording" if the window pops-up when using the live-midi-recording mode. And the custom rule that is assigned to that track would work in the reversed order. So that it would recalculate the recorded midi data after hitting the stop button. For example: I play a drum groove on my keyboard in realtime using the Notes C and D (the right samples get triggered while recording or jamming) and when i hit the stop button the note C (which i have played in realtime) gets transposed to the note B automatically (after hitting the stop button) and the Note D gets transposed also to B, but with the correct tremolo mark on it.

If its not possible to make the custom rules work in the reversed order for recording, maybe it can be done by just having new recording specific rules inside the custom rules. For example: A note velocity higher than 80 gets automatically an accent (for realtime-recording only), which the user can freely customize.

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answered Jul 18, 2016 by Skip Jones (166,570 points)
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