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Improve User Techniques (properly place and a way to unset them)

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asked Sep 29, 2018 in Notion Feature Requests by jeffreylamper (370 points)
I like the addition of the User Techniques and can easily add them to the XML file for the presets.  There are two flaws in using them however.

First, when adding a user technique to the score, it tries to add it where the mouse click is to choose it from the pop-up, not on the note you actually wanted to place it.  This makes it extremely cumbersome to use.  I have to find a place on a staff where the technique will land (i.e. not in between staves) and place the user technique there.  Then I have to grab it and move it where I want to place it and to top it off, it disappears while moving it and reappears when I let go.

Second, once you set a user technique, it is set for life.  Please add a command to the rules to allow unsetting a user technique much like the "Unset Technique" action.  Actually an action to unset all user techniques and a command to unset all techniques would be nice.


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