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Can you give us an update concerning the fix for this problem (universal control not working / shutting computer down)?

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asked Jul 22, 2017 in Classic Mixers by Al Walker (150 points)
I'm asking for an update on the fix for universal control working on mac / sierra. This is a problem a lot of people are having.

Thank you.

Haven't recorded in 2 1/2 months

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answered Jul 31, 2017 by Michael Martin (89,010 points)
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We are not aware of an issue with UC 'shutting down' a computer. There is a bug logged for UC 'crashing on exit', but it does not affect usage performance, only happens when closing UC.

Computer shutting down would be a more serious issue with your Computer OS / system in general.

The Answers link you mention is for Windows Based computers, not OSX.

I would contact Technical Support and create a ticket for this issue, rather than ask in answers (not the place for technical help).