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Playing techniques access? Expanded Notion sound libraries?

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asked Nov 2, 2015 in Notion by peteraschbacher (770 points)
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The Notion sound library is quite impressive. I will probably buy the "Notion Expansion Bundle Pack All".

I have two questions:

1. I suppose that ALL the specific techniques* in those expansion sound libraries are available through the "Tech." panel? So I just need to click the "Tech." panel to access ALL the available playing techniques in any sound library?

2. Are there any plans to expand the Notion sound library? I would like to have high quality singers, both choir and solo. I would also like a multi-giga (!) piano library.
Also have a look at the Indiginus sound libraries and listen to their sound demos - they are fantastic! They are configured from a custom interface. It would be fantastic if all that configuration functionality would be available from the Notion “Tech.” panel in a "total recall" way!


* For example Classical guitar: Rest Strokes, Free Strokes, Standard Right-Hand Position, Sul Ponticello (at the bridge), Sul Tasto (over the fingerboard), Hammer-on, Pull-off, Trills, Vibrato, Molto Vibrato, Harmonics, Golpe, Crossed-Stringed technique, all at numerous dynamic levels.

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answered Nov 3, 2015 by TechSupport77 (195,380 points)
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Thanks for posting your question.  Here are the answers:


1.  For the most part yes, the added techniques can be accessed through the techniques pane in the palette.  They will be grayed out if they are not available.  This is not always true though.  For example, if you purchase the Expanded Strings Violin Section, it comes with minor third tremolos.  You have to notate a tremolo using the tremolo function with the correct scale degree to get that to work.  It also comes with artificial harmonics.  You would have to correctly notate a harmonic with a diamond notehead to take advantage of that added sound.  For the most part, the techniques pane will have the added techniques, but not always.

2.  I do not know of any current plans to release new Expansion Sounds at this time, but that is not to say that there won't be more coming.  We are always working hard at improving Notion and adding to the Expansion Sounds and are very excited about future developments.  As for singers, you may want to see if you can find a VST instrument that contains some human voices.  I've used the oohs and aahs from the Miroslav Philharmonik library from IK Multimedia as well as the choir that is in the Vienna Symphonic Library Special Edition inside of Notion with great success.  

I'll be sure to forward your suggestion for a recall function that pulls up commonly used techniques in Notion as a feature request.  If you create your own rules to use an external VSTi inside of Notion, you can use the same set of rules on multiple scores.  Here is a link to our documentation on custom rules.
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