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SD recording & playing @ live gigs: combining live analog (XLR/mic) and digital from SD

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asked Aug 4, 2017 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by peterphiltjens (210 points)

As a band we use digital multitrack recording & playback in combination with analogue scene mixing. For our live gigs we record drums & synths from DAW into SL32III and we set up our scenes for these songs in both digital (from DAW) and analogue (bass + guitar + vocals) via XLR directly (by microphone). Hence for each song we have 3 analogue channels + about 10 digital channels going into the SL32III. When we record, we only record the digital files from the DAW, because we play live on the analogue channels (bass + guitar + vocals). After recording on SD card, we play these digital tracks from the SD card, using the recorded scenes as well. But when we use the load mix when loading the song on the SD card, all faders move to the right position of the scene, but ALSO the analogue channels are on DIGITAL, which means that every time when we switch a song during live gig, we have to manually switch each of the analogue channels from digital to analogue. Is there a possibility to have this stored in the scene on the SD card as well, so that we only have to load the song on the SD card with load mix and every channel remains as was during recording (3 analogue channels remain analogue and 10 digital remain digital)?

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answered Aug 10, 2017 by Skip Jones (166,570 points)
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