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Music loops sound different when adding them in the track browser

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asked Aug 11, 2017 in Studio One 3 by justinmeyer (2,240 points)

When I open the browser in S1 and go to Loops, I have the possibility to click play.
(E.g. the musicloop Elecropic Rhythm)
After I add this musicloop into my tracks, it sounds different.
It's not just more silent, it simply doesn't sound as good as on the preview.
The VSTi and the FX get opened/activated automatically by S1 - so I apparently I don't need to do anything.

Any idea?
When I raise the volume it sounds better, but still not as good as the preview.
I tested it with other loops as well - it's the same issue.

P.S. I dislike adding WAV loops, especially if there is no VSTi status there.

Thanks for any help!

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answered Aug 16, 2017 by brianmeisner1 (164,020 points)
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I just opened that particular loop file in Studio One version 2 and it sounds identical to the sample in the browser.  In version 3, it does sound slightly different.  More than likely, the flac file that was created as a sample, was created in version 2.  Version 3 uses Presence XT and an updated version of the compressor, which is why it sounds different.  I noticed that if you increase the threshold and the Gain in the compressor in version 3, you can get it very close to the sample.  You can also try adjusting the punch and the drive in Presence XT in version 3.