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Is the 44VSL compatible with an AMD Athlon II-based laptop?

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asked Aug 31, 2017 in AudioBox USB by valentynhavrylov (250 points)
The tech specs to the AudioBox 44VSL state that the minimum requirements processor-wise are an Intel Core 2 Duo. I have an HP 635 with AMD Athlon II P360. The latter has 2.3 Ghz and is dual-core, and thus is more powerful than low-end Core 2 Duos. So I guess my question is, is the aforementioned audio interface compatible with AMD-based systems and if so, is my one's processor powerful enough? (I already know I have enough RAM, a good enough OS version and everything else)

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answered Aug 31, 2017 by paulclarke2 (27,360 points)
selected Aug 31, 2017 by valentynhavrylov
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Yes the AudioBox 44VSL is compatible with AMD-based systems.

Your CPU should work fine with the AudioBox 44VSL.

Latest drivers for the AudioBox 44VSL can be found here -