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Studio One 3 Artist will not load after activating Studio One plugin Support add on for $80.

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asked Sep 2, 2017 in Studio One 3 by jbhustle (120 points)
I have an HP Windows 10, When I first downloaded studio One Artist it was working perfect. I wanted the auto tune plugin so I purchased the Studio One plugin support for $80. After it finished downloading I attempted to drag it to the Studio One starting screen but it didn't work so I looked online to see how to activate it and when I finally did correctly the program restarted but when it tried to reload it crashed after reading Adding VST3 Plug-in Analog Lab 2. So when it doesn't load I am forced to restart my computer. Sometimes I also get a message from ilok saying "The licensing service required to activate this software is not running. Please reinstall the product or download and run the ilok license manager installer." How do I do this what are my best moves

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answered Sep 12, 2017 by reishardmontgomery (870 points)
You may want to restart iLok from the task manager. I'm on Mac and haven't had to worry about that issue so forgive me if my memory isn't 100% correct. Go in your task manager, click the services tab if it isn't already selected and restart the process PaceLicense. Try this link. If it works moving forward just remember to check task manager when you start your computer.