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Make S1 remember metronome settings

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asked Sep 10, 2017 in Studio One Feature Requests by stevenkeen (2,250 points)
Am I the only one who finds it frustrating that I have to set the Precount/Preroll every time I start a new project? Why doesn't S1 remember your last setting?

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answered Sep 10, 2017 by donaldbaarns (9,790 points)
selected Sep 10, 2017 by stevenkeen
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I suspect because the template you are selecting for your new song/project doesn't have the PreCount/Preroll turned on.

That is part of the template you are selecting.

Open a new song using whatever template you want, set those setting the way you want them, then use "Save As Template" to save your own version of the template.

If you start with your customized version of the template, it will retain those from session to session.

The more you learn about templates, the more productive your startup can be. (They retain 20 other attributes, like zoom levels, track heights/colors, and lots of other details.)

I hope this helps.
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answered Sep 10, 2017 by stevenkeen (2,250 points)
Thanks! I am using templates all the time. Just never realized the metronome setting is a part of it :)