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Make S1 remember fullscreen on Windows 10 and please don't activate "Always on top"

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asked Sep 12 in Look and Feel by heikomlodystach3 (260 points)
recategorized Sep 12 by heikomlodystach3
Right now in Windows 10 fullscreen-mode is not remembered when I close and re-open S1, which is pretty annoying already, but what's really problematic is, that fullscreen seems to enable "Always on top", so that I can no longer switch to any other windows (Webbrowser, Explorer, etc.) while it's active.

Fullscreen is really awesome, but IMHO those two issues need to be fixed.

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answered Sep 13 by Fornicras (1,880 points)
Exactly. I can't use Splice with Studio One open in Full Screen. It's pretty annoying.