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Using the StudioLive 32Ai and monitoring systems in the recording studio.

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asked Oct 5, 2017 in Ai Mixers by smeiman (1,600 points)
I have been using Studio One Pro for almost 6 years; learning about its use and just how fantastic the DAW really is.  I have also been using a StudioLive 32.4.2Ai mixer for several years (purchased before PreSonus dropped the price, but that's OK its paid for now).  Most things I have been doing are live mixing and recording.  Funny thing; many of the bands get really scared when I start a Capture 2 "virtual sound check."  Instead of taking a break and listening to themselves in the audience helping me get them a great(er) sound, they seem to move to the back of the stage and whisper.  Oh well, their lose.  I am about ready to open my studio.  I plan to set up the monitoring system for the musicians the same way in the studio as in a live environment - using the 14 auxiliary sends - wired into headphone amps.  The only event I have yet to try is "overdubbing" or making a layer in Studio One 3 Pro, playing back the recorded tracks to queue the layer recording.  I will be using both Firewire and Ethernet connections,  Universal Control and Studio One 3 running on the computer (Mac Book Pro 13" with 8MB RAM).  Has anyone out there tried this?  As much success as I have had with the combination of equipment this far, I can't imagine any problems, this stuff has worked great.  However, with all of the talk about latency recently, I'm a little nervous.  So if you would have a suggestion, I would love to hear about it.  Thank you in advance for glancing at my question and for those who answer.  Pretty excited...

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