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Will Faderport work with my Mac OS 10.4.11 Tiger? (ProTools can see the Faderport under Peripherals)

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asked Oct 7, 2017 in FaderPort 8 by jimmymaguire (160 points)
i just bought a Faderport and my ProTools 7.1.1 can see the Faderport under Peripherals, I enabled the Faderport under Peripherals->Machine Control and Peripherals->Synchronization, but it is not actually controlling the machine.  

It is an old, but stable ProTools 7.1.1 system running on a MacBook Pro that sill has it's original OS... It still works well...

I was hoping to add the Faderport, but so far no luck.  If my ProTools sees it under Peripherals should I be able to get it to work. Or is it simply that my OS is too old?  Thank you!

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answered Oct 7, 2017 by jimmymaguire (160 points)
Okay, I actually got it working.  I followed the instructions for setting up FaderPort with ProTools doing the Peripherals MIDI Controllers and I also enabled Peripherals -> Machine Control, BUT.... under Synchronization, I selected FasderPort under "Port" but I did NOT enable the checkbox to enable control of ProTools VIA MMC... (it gives you an error if you enable both machine control and Synhcronization... )   

It seems to work completely as intended... My mac lives to record another day... Cheers