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Presonus Studiolive 24 subgroups no longer working.

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asked Oct 22, 2017 in AR Hybrid USB Mixers by stevedouglas1 (120 points)
Presonus Studiolive subgroups are no longer working. I’ve been able to temporarily fix the issue by simply assigning all the channels to the [MAIN] output bus.

A church asked me recently to help them get their sound sorted out for them so I’ve done everything thing from RTA the room with SMART using my laptop and the presonus PRM1 mic, assign and set monitors, set eq’s and dynamics, yadda yadda, etc.... Not my favorite board to ever work on and a bit cumbersome to navigate but I got it going none the less.

They have two different scene setting they’re using. One is for the main church that meets on Sundays and another scene is for a college group that meets mid week. I’m not sure who set up the previous scenes as so many people have come and gone but while in the college group scene I noticed I was not able to assign channels to a subgroup and that everything was assigned to the [MAIN] output bus. I found it odd that assigning any channel to a subgroup only muted the channel all together. So I decided to wait until later to further investigate the issue. Interestingly enough if I [SOLO] a subgroup after assigning a channel to one, the audio does actually solo in my headphones but still doesn’t route to the [MAIN] or house speakers.

The scene for the main service was not having the same subgroup issue which originally had me thinking that the issue may just be some sort of routing issue that I’m not familiar with how to fix or access yet and that possibly I’ll need my laptop or instructions for accessing within the board and correcting.

The big issue now is that the main service scene is now replicating the same problem. It’s also possible that someone may have incidentally overwritten the main church service scene with the college scene. (I know, I know, I’m in the process of taking care of that issue) However, I thought maybe this could be an issue with hardware on the board failing. I was informed that the board had already been sent off for repair once before and the church just recently received it back this past month.

I hope I was thorough in asking my question and providing enough information. Also, I have a laptop if that’s the route I need to take to correct the issue.

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