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Best way to move forward using some of my current equipment given StudioLive firewire no longer working with my setup

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asked Jun 5 in Classic Mixers by kevincalnan (240 points)
Over a year and a half ago I had to shut down my home studio because I was building a new home and thought I would be out of commission for about 3 months.  Well that turned out to be 18 months.

After setting up my studio in the new location I found out Presonus is no longer supporting my StudioLive 16.4.2 firewire mixer.  That being the case and since I have been a Presonus customer for over a decade,

I thought it might be best to stay with Presonus equipment.  Besides the mixer I own Presonus monitors, microphones, Faderport8, Atom and use Studio One as my main DAW.  I used the StudioLive firewire interface as my audio matrix connection to the computer.

To solve this problem, in a somewhat budget friendly manner,  I thought I could:

1. Purchase a StudioLive 16.0.2 with a 16x16 usb connection to the computer, or

2. Just use my current StudioLive without the firewire connection and take the stereo out into a new Presonus Quantum interface.

The only problem with option 2 is losing the 16 x 16 firewire audio from the mixer to the computer.

I hope all this makes sense....

I sure would appreciate any thoughts on how best to proceed.

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