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Question about UAD plugins Folders

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asked Nov 7, 2017 in Studio One 3 by josephgibbons (180 points)

I have a question for those of you who use UAD plugins.

I have two folders under my effects/vendor tab for UAD plugins.

One labeled Universal Audio,

Which has all the plugins in it

and another labeled Universal Audio, inc.

Which has two versions of each plugin, one version has a (m) at the end which I assume means mono.
If I use the one regularly labeled, I assume that means stereo, but after montitoring my DSP usage, it seems that it automatically adjusts to the track type like in other DAWs I have used.

Anyone know why there are two folders, and which folder I should use my plugins from?

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answered Nov 11, 2017 by jamiemarvel (610 points)
Do you have both VST and Audio Unit support running?  If yes, and you installed both versions this is the reason you see two folders.  Sadly, in addition, developers can be lazy and use different company names in the folders.  That just adds to the confusion.