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Allow Multiple Controller Mappings to be Saved against the Same Plugin

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asked Nov 9, 2017 in Studio One Feature Requests by adamg67 (400 points)
There are still some problems getting a good set up for using an external controller with multi-functional plugins, such as stomp and amp simulations, using Control Link.

One problem is that if you use a single plugin for eg 2 different purposes, so for example an instance of Amplitube that just has stomp boxes and then one which has an amp, you can only ever have one map set up using control link. It's especially a problem as Control Link uses the automation control for these plugins, and some (eg Bias FX, amplitube) only provide a limited number of configuration parameters (16 for AT, 20 for BIAS).

It would be great if you could store different maps for the same controller against different instances of a plugin, perhaps using the name of the plugin on the track (I rename the plugin to eg "Amplitube Amp" and "Amplitube Stomp" or (more likely) by having the map be saved with the preset for the plugin.

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answered Nov 10, 2017 by Skip Jones (152,860 points)
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