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When will the track disappearing bug in console be addressed? Still a big concern.

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asked Nov 18, 2017 in Studio One 3 by stevenicel (3,810 points)
edited Nov 18, 2017 by stevenicel
EDIT: I clicked on the section that said "reply to a previous post". Didn't realise is was creating a completely new one!

It needs to be said here that the above is still a big workflow killer for me and I'm requesting that it not be treated as "not important enough to address" (as mentioned by Presonus tech in below link). It happens randomly and is very time consuming when linked with the other issues I stated in my reply at that linked post.

Please Presonus, as a paying customer, consider this bug with due diligence. If you have observed it happening then it needs addressing and fixing. This is not an FR, it's a workflow blocker bug for those trying to use this DAW for quick turnaround music creation.

So again my question is; When will this be addressed and fixed?

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