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When will the compatibility issues with Apple's M1 chip + macOS Big Sur be addressed?

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asked Dec 10, 2020 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by hamishmichael (510 points)
After a computer failure I was forced to replace my MacBook and restored everything from a backup where my software and hardware were running perfectly.

However my new MacBook runs on Apple's new M1 chip and it's running macOS 11.0.1 Big Sur which I can not downgrade. Because of this my computer no longer recognises my Quantum 2 thunderbolt interface. The Nov 17 update doesn't seem to address the issue, I've uninstalled, restarted, reinstalled etc a number of times—still nothing. Is this a known issue, and if so, how far off is a patch? Thank you.

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answered Jan 16 by danielnayberg (580 points)
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What is the status on this? Just installed a M1 Mac mini and the entire studio is basically bricked since we're running a 4848. Come on Presonus, at least give us some updates.

EDIT feb 2. 2021

I wrote Presonus’ Facebook-page and got the following answer:

“Hi Daniel, we are still on it and we don’t have any new details yet. This is one of our prime priorities but giving release dates of new drivers is not possible. They will be released when we can be sure they are working flawlessly.”
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answered Dec 10, 2020 by giovannicornara (420 points)
I found this:  

Interesting, but frankly speaking, I would like a bit of more detail in this commitment.
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answered Dec 11, 2020 by ryanjohns1 (240 points)
I'm and IT director and we are just now starting to test M1 chips. They are a drastically new architecture for software developers to adapt to. We will have to be patient, but I'm sure Presonus is working diligently since many people are probably in your same shoes. I'm responding to get an update as well. I have a quantum and looking pick up a new M1 Mini's also. I'm sure Presonus will overhaul and reprogram their entire software suite to adapt to Apples drastic changes soon.

Personus, thanks for always working fine on my backup thunderbolt PC!
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answered Jan 16 by hamishmichael (510 points)
So after hearing nothing I ended up selling my Quantum 2. I’m out of the Presonus environment altogether and I will not be buying back in. Bye
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answered Jan 18 by ryanchua1 (200 points)

You can check the link provided:  

Quantum Series Thunderbolt products: require a custom device driver, which we provide via Universal Control. When we attempt to install Universal Control on an Apple Silicon-based Mac, the Quantum’s blue sync light will just blink repeatedly. This is because Universal Control can’t connect the Quantum device driver to the OS, as Universal Control was designed for Intel-based Macs.  This will remain the case until a new driver is available to work with these new Apple Silicon machines. We’re  working on this, and plan to fully support it sometime in early 2021.  

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answered Feb 1 by matthewmouras (420 points)
I recently reached out to Presonus and heard from a representative named Gary who said that they are actively testing a solution for Quantum devices on M1 this week.  They are hoping for a release in the next "few weeks".
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answered Feb 9 by zqnlcpuj (280 points)
It seems they released a new version today but i still had no luck. My Quantum 2626 still gets a blue flashing light and the "Allow" does't show when installing.
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answered Feb 11 by ianwidgery (660 points)
Im getting so frustrated. I recieved the same "We're working on it" email. Estimated M1 compatability was around 2 weeks. That was 2 weeks ago. I purchased the 2626 3 weeks ago.

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answered Feb 14 by ianwidgery (660 points)
Same here! New mac new 2626. No support for M1 users... with the exception of a response from Presonus telling me the M1 update should be availble in 2 weeks - That was over 2 weeks ago.
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answered Feb 15 by denisadonis (230 points)
Any luck with the new firmware update? Is working now with the m1?
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answered Feb 18 by zqnlcpuj (280 points)
Presonus technical support really sucks. the last ticket i created in this matter they just closed without any comment. No help, no clues, NOTHING. I wouldn't recomend Presonus to my worst enemy.
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answered Feb 20 by matthewmouras (420 points)
If you look at the release notes for the most recent driver, it shows that there is nothing in the release for apple silicon. Hopefully soon.
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answered Feb 20 by sunilsatyamurti1 (220 points)
What does ‘Early 2021’ mean? Is it in the first 2 months, first 4 months, 6 months? The information is too vague and frankly frustrating.
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answered Feb 22 by matthewmouras (420 points)
I work in software.  There are real challenges here as Apple silicon is quite different.  It's going to take developers time to support it.  

That being said, I too am anxious to have a functioning Presonus audio interface on my M1.  It would be better if they were more communicative about where they are in the process.
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answered Feb 22 by maxwellmontgomery (140 points)
While the compatibility issues with m1 Macs and the quantum 2626 are annoying. (very annoying)  it is important to remember that any thunderbolt 3 interface at this price point is extremely cutting edge. AND that the unified memory in the silicon Macs is totally new technology.  I would urge anyone who is waiting on the m1 driver not to sell their quantum because it will be here soon and the speed will be AMAZING. The best available option under 1000$ BY FAR

My guess is that if m1 support is not released with the next UC firmware update that we are in store for another 6+ month wait.  

That being said would love improved communication between presonus and their community.
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answered Feb 24 by ianwidgery (660 points)
Weeks later and still no M1 Fix. The worst customer service experince ever.  I am returning my unit.
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answered Feb 24 by timlovegrove (220 points)
Exactly the same situation, old MacBook died and had to be replaced, new M1 chip prevented my old interfaces working as well so I bought a 2626, which currently isn't supported. I appreciate it's a big change to build new drivers for a new chipset, but Apple must have provided SDK's a while back.