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When will Studio One 5.1 and Studio Live Series III 32SX be Big Sur compatible?

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asked Nov 11, 2020 in Studio One 5 by davidcook9 (190 points)
I have a new Mac Pro on order with the M1 Chip and it ships with Big Sur. When will Studio One 5.1 and the Studio Live Series III 32sx be ready for Big Sur OS or will it?

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answered Nov 25, 2020 by mesperance (880 points)
I have the same questions. I haven't seen any updates or PR releases yet. Presonus, can you give us an update?
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answered Nov 28, 2020 by duncanrigby (1,190 points)
I'm getting a MAC Mini M1 with 16GB ram, I will let you know as I will be doing a clean install on it ( sometime around Dec 17th )
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answered Feb 2, 2021 by duncanrigby (1,190 points)

MAC MINI M1 16GB Big Sur 11.2 , two screens

Studio One 5 Pro v5.1.2  , Studiolive III 16 , all works for me. Mixer and DAW mode.

Waiting for RAVEN to update their touch Driver then I'll be happy