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Loading times of Kontakt instances in Studio One 3 compared to Cubase

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asked Nov 22, 2017 in Studio One 3 by alexpfeffer (170 points)
Hey guys,

I am in a tricky situation here and I am not really sure what to do about this. I am aware that other users have this whereas other users are ok with it, but I try write down this information as detailed as possible!

Basically I experienced long loading times, long deactivate/reactivate instrument times and opening project times in Studio One 3 (3.5.2) compared to Cubase 9.5

I did a little test:

1. Loaded ONE instance of Kontakt 5.7.1 with all ensemble patches of Cinematic Studio Strings AND all solo patches of Cinematic Studio Solo Strings. Basically there are patches of DoubleBass, Cello, Violas, Violins II and I ensembles (which is 5 patches, roughly 0.8GB per patch), the same goes for the Solo Library except there are no Double Basses, so we end up having 9 patches!

2. I then saved the project, then I deactivated this instance of Kontakt and reactivated it, finally I closed the session and reloaded it, stopping the time!

Here are the results (roughly in seconds) for the single instance of Kontakt in Cubase 9.5 / Studio One 3

saving the project: 02 - 08
DEactivating tracks: 09 - 19
REactivating tracks: 12 - 60
opening the session: 19 - 62

Then I did the same thing but with using one instance for EACH library patch, ending up with 9 instances of Kontakt filled with each ONE library patch (e.g. Cellos). I did this to demonstrate that it is NOT the memory footprints fault of Kontakt, having a multitimbral setup vs single instances:

Again, Cubase 9.5 / Studio One 3:

saving the project: 02 - 09
DEactivating tracks: 07 - 30
REactivating tracks: 15 - 71
opening the session: 21 - 71

So, here is my question? What is going on? It can't be Kontakt's fault since it works fine in Cubase. However, I am asking myself why (if this has to do with my system or setup) Studio One takes up to 4x longer to load patches into the session? So far I tried all kinds of stuff: reinstalled Studio One 3, reinstalled Kontakt 5 (everytime with getting rid of registry entries), deleted Kontakt 5 database cache etc.

I am a composer of many styles and I need huge templates to simple get my music done, I also want to get away from Cubase due to several reasons, but if I calculate right and got this much hassle with just 9 tracks and (0.8GB x7) roughly 7GB in use. How long would a session need to load, save, re- and deactivate which uses around 50-55GB??? I know that I can deactivate tracks and save the session, but I think you get my main point! I am also not looking for further workarounds, ... all I am asking is, why Studio One (or to be fair, Studio One on my system) is that inefficient?

My setup: Windows 10, 64bit, 6core 3.2 GHz, 64GB RAM, all drives except the session drive are SSDs!

Cheers and thanks so much for your help!


PS: I observed that Studio One seems to scan the instruments in some manner before even starting to load them into the session, whereas Cubase on the other hand simply starts loading the files as soon as I e.g. drag them into the Kontakt window! You can clearly observe this. It seems as if Studio One freezes for around 1-3 seconds before starting to import the instrument patch into Kontakt

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answered Nov 24, 2017 by karstenvogt (3,450 points)
Got the same problem. Opening a project with lots of Kontakt tracks takes a very long time.