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High CPU usage in S1 3.5 with disabled Kontakt intances

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asked Feb 7, 2018 in Studio One 3 by miltongeranio (160 points)
I'm getting 25-40% CPU usage while creating a template.

I recently start using S1 and I'm trying to create an orchestral template 1 Kontakt instance per intrument all tracks disabled.

When loading any other project I get 1-5% at idle but with this template having ~600 instrument tracks even when they all disabled (thus also disabling Kontakt instance) I get up to 40%. When opening the Performance monitor details it show 0 for everything listed.

So, what's using it?

I've never had any trouble using this method.

Here are my system specs.:

Focusrite 6i6 (1st Gen)

I5 4590

Gigabyte H87M-D3H

24GB DDR3 1600MHz

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