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Can you please consider full support for mixing in Ambisonic formats?

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asked Dec 6, 2017 in Mixing by sameersengupta (290 points)

As you may have seen of late, VR Audio is a fast growing area of professional audio.

So far, there are very few market leading DAWs that support the complex panning and routing necessary to support working on Higher Order Ambisonic files. In fact, even the ones that do (Reaper and ProTools HD12) both require complex routing workarounds to function - and to me it appears there is a massive gap in the market for a DAW to adopt this format natively. 

There are several third party manufacturer creating plugins and software for functions such as, the panner, file management, encoding, decoding, with video support. And most available options are clunky, unreliable and generally very unstable. Again, a clear gap in the current major league DAW market.

Please step in - and fast - to integrate this emerging field of audio, take the reigns, and be a leader in that space - PLEASE!

Thank you!


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answered Jan 17, 2018 by AlexTinsley (828,210 points)
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Thank you for the feature request. 

If anyone else agrees or disagrees, please VOTE!

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answered Mar 20, 2019 by hasanismail (330 points)
It is 2019 and still no news about Presonus working on Ambisonics into its future updates. Such a loss if Presonus is not implementing this into its sw / hw systems. I really wish this works in Studio one 4 or 5 Professional soon! VR / AR mixes is growing rapidly as seen in NAMM, IBC, AES trade shows. When companies like Sound Devices, Zoom, Røde, Sennheiser, BOSE, Samsung and SoundField have implemented Ambisonics into its Recorders / Decoders, it is a clear tell tale of what's required for today's DAW for post production. To date, we are pushed back to use ProTools Ultimate to handle such projects even though owning Studio One 4 Pro.. :(
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answered Aug 13, 2019 by robertgray3 (33,730 points)
Agreed - related feature here for adding Surround tracks that could record ambisonic data and mix it in the same session on a single track.

@hasanismail as for the whole "it's 2019 and still no..." thing... there are a LOT of features that have been requested over the years. Many of the ones they are working on are miles more popular than ambisonic mixing and recording. But they also implement features with very few votes. So just be patient and continue discussing it from your perspective when it comes up, might take years :)
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answered May 10 by El Caldero (460 points)
Well, It's May, 2020 and no news about. I understand COVID19 has violently stopped the world, so let's be patient. I agree Presonus should not loose leadership and include multichannel tracks in Studio One. I became a brand fan since 2011 for it's innovation, user friendly GUI and flexibility! :)
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answered May 28 by juancvazquez (210 points)
It would be a luxury addition to the 25 years of presonus. Much more for those undecided to buy DAWs with 360 sound capabilities. Is there still hope for 2020?