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Please Let me help you making Studio one the best Daw on earth

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asked Oct 7, 2016 in Studio One Feature Requests by francotorterolo (970 points)

Ok, I'm a recording engineer (audio post, music etc), that has been my job for 20 years

I'm using Logic and PT now ....... and I have been testing  Studio one since last year, and I love it, it just needs some things.

Please include this features on the next version

1 Editing feels more pro tools , I love that. , keep it simple, is too crowded visually 

2 when you got various windows together like mixer, editor etc, it is hard to understand the edges of each window.

3 Add more resolution and colors to the waveforms.

3 Dark backround is nice, I hate pro tools because it causes eye fatigue.

4 Add Post production features , when importing a video we need to know frame rate info (when you do it in logic , it asks you if you want to lock your session to  video's  frame rate , the same for sampling rate  ( huge feature ) Please improve video features.

5 Selecting an audio clip links the playhead (for playback) just like in PT , but you got to click on the clip as many times you want to play the same clip, in PT you just click one clip and you can play it over and over, same for the loop selection, I don't quite get it right now , little details that keep me going back to PT , you're close please keep improving such a nice program

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answered Oct 8, 2016 by LMike (14,730 points)
Please make one post per request.   If you make 4-5 feature requests in one post it's difficult for people to vote if they agree with some and disagree with some others, they can't make "split votes" on anything.

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answered Oct 8, 2016 by diamondxiao (140 points)
I would love to see a kind of (2) dimming effect maybe user selectable so that the "window" or part you are using takes a more fore-ward approach. Like when using the mixer, the other windows/sections dim a bit. I personally don't think large bright colored borders would help. (3)  I would also like (love) to see skins but I know that can get too out of hand. More color customization maybe?
As for video editing frame rates? (4)  Stay away from getting into VIDEO all together. I would rather have S1-3 be a re-wire app for Premiere or Magix Vegas  pro than try to be a video editor. Vegas pro started out as a multitrack audio editor and it just mutated slowly into a video program..