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Computer upgrade or just get a new one?

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asked Dec 12, 2017 in Studio One 3 by marcfarmer (780 points)
I am using a stock HP p7-1240p, with an AMD A10 5700 processor that I bought about 5 years ago. Since switching from Sonar last month, I can't get as many virtual instruments without overpowering the PC, so I am looking to upgrade.   I can upgrade to a AMD A10 6800K and upgrade the RAM from 8 gig to 16 gig for a little less that $300.  The benchmark suggest about a 17% increase in processor power- don't know what affect the additional ram might have, or if I would need to replace the power supply ( I am no PC guru).

I really can't afford to go buy a new PC, so I am wondering if these upgrades might help some, or would it be a waste of money? Obviously I know one can make that decision for me, but educated guesses are welcome.

Another related question,  I replaced an M-Audio Fast Track Ultra with an Audiobox iTwo when the Fast Track stopped working.  I t seems I was able to run more virtual instruments with the Fast track than I can with the Audiobox on Sonar.  Any thoughts?


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