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Do they best job at improving the DAW, that you can...

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asked Dec 12, 2017 in Studio One 3 by docdavid (360 points)

My best advice...

Do they best job at improving the DAW, that you can...

Use all the knowledge and wisdom, that you've acquired as a group, to give us a DAW, that is "the best", and covers all the areas of capturing audio, editing, signal processing, mixing, and mastering (including formatting). a comprehensive environment for a knowledgeable individual to do exceptional work in, aesthetically pleasing, and able to simplify the workflow without compromising the details and quality. A DAW that is in need of nothing, is "a job done well". and, maybe focus on a simpler version, for those not as advanced, to work their way through the learning process. Garage band to logic comes to mind on that subject.

And if you think it through, thoroughly, systematically, it will be "all that we desire"

peace hope love, 

Brent David Cartwright (Doc)

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answered Jan 18, 2018 by arndkaiser (1,390 points)
Thanks, Doc!

wise words! This sums it up nicely. Of course, it can't be our mission to just add feature after feature. Keeping a good balance and sticking to the key principles of ease-of-use and creativity/inspiration is key. We know we can't make everybody happy at the same time but we can contribute to your workflow efficiency and creativity.

Thanks for you support. I'll share your post with the team.