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Help with documentation.

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asked Dec 20, 2017 in Look and Feel by PreAl (2,680 points)
Please improve the help application (F1).

a) We have the ability to search but we don't have the ability to search within the page that is currently being viewed (CTRL + F). Please fix.

b) Ability to see the chapter index all the time (have a left hand pane), at present it can disappear and we have to keep scrolling upwards and downwards.

c) Please keep the PDF documentation up to date. A lot of us like reading offline with Kindles etc. I can download PDF file but it is somewhat dated and old.

Any other ideas please post here.

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answered Dec 20, 2017 by PreAl (2,680 points)
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answered Sep 26, 2020 by lindsayhaisley (370 points)
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Basically, the Studio One manual which comes with it sucks! I hate to say it, but I’ve dealt with a lot of IT products and this is actually charitable. Proper documentation for a product as complex and extensive as Studio One should be context sensitive and extensively hyperlinked. AND it should support copy and paste in Windows to enable convenient lookup of information in the manual on the public search engines.

FOR INSTANCE … This evening I wanted to learn about Auto Punch in Studio One. The manual says: “Set the Left Locator in the Timeline Ruler of the Arrange view …”. So I did a search for “Locator”. Nothing relevant. I did a search for “views”, and again nothing relevant. I tried right-clicking on the timeline ruler, but the context menu there had nothing about “Locators”. I finally figured out that setting an inactive loop defines an Auto Punch range, and in fact, there’s a decent discussion of this under “Loop Recording on Audio Tracks” which I found after wasting a couple of hours of time on this exploration.

I started working on DAW recording (after many years of experience in analog recording) with the free, entry-level DAW Audacity, which has an excellent context-sensitive and extensively hyperlinked documentation. Surely PreSonus, which has developed a very elegant and professional DAW package, can put a fraction of the effort they put into their software into writing a well-written and usable documentation for it (hopefully with a terminology glossary)! Good documentation, like good consumer support, is essential to a quality product with staying power in the marketplace. I would suggest using HTML for your user manuall which was developed as a document distribution protocol for exactly this purpose;