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EDIT: Solved Jul 9, 2019 - Where is the documentation for the CURRENT S1 version?

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asked Jul 7, 2019 in Look and Feel by chrissederqvist1 (2,400 points)
edited Jul 10, 2019 by chrissederqvist1

UPDATE: Solved. New manual released July 7th. 2019.

PreSonus: Please Keep The Documentation Current!

The documentation that ships with Studio One 4.5.1 is current up until version 4.1, but does not include ANY of the many new features introduced in 4.5.

In fact the documentation is now 6 months old, with no updates.

I work as a software developer myself, and one of the requirements we have before releasing an official version update, is that ALL the new features must be documented.

I find it strange that neither the online docs or the downloadable S1 package or PDF is updated to reflect such major changes in the software.

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answered Jul 10, 2019 by robertgray3 (42,470 points)
All of mine show 4.5. /shrug

The documentation that ships with it? What documentation are you referring to? I just downloaded the PDF Manual for 4.5 from my account on the My Presonus site and it includes all the features in 4.5. So does the in-app manual. So does the online manual in my presonus account.

Where are you finding this older documentation? Do you not have the current one in your my presonus account or in the manual in the application?