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How to get microtonal scale (Arabic scale) with virtual instruments?

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asked Dec 26, 2017 in Studio One 3 by behrouzrezazadeh (240 points)


I am new here and I got the Studio One 3 Artist (version 3.5) that came with my new PreSonus AudioBox USB 96.

I've already set up my midi controller correctly and am able to play and record the VST through the Mai Tai and Presence in Studio One 3 Artist, no problem.


How can I play and record Quarter Tone/Arabic scale with Virtual Instruments, like Mai Tai, Presence, that come with Studio One 3 Artist via my midi controller?

My Computer:

iMac (21.5-inch)

Processor: 2.5 Ghz Intel Core i5

RAM Memory: 24 GB

My Midi Controller:

M-Audio Keystation 49

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2 Answers

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answered Jan 9, 2018 by albertcoppo (540 points)
Hello.  You will need to use VST instruments that support microtonal scales.
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answered Jan 10, 2018 by behrouzrezazadeh (240 points)
Thanks albertcoppo for your reply.

Could you please mention some VST instruments that support microtonal scale and are compatible with Studio One 3 Artist?