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asked Nov 19, 2015 in AudioBox USB by peterscott3 (510 points)
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It states in the AudioBox iTwo manual that by switching off either of the lights with the guitars symbols above them turns that channel into a line input or one able to accept a line signal.

I may have this wrong but this is the way I read it. As you most probably know I'm quite new to this just wanted to use my standard guitar amp to record through USB.

The cable you recommended is it a mono or stereo 3.5mm jack from headphone socket to the line mono input Jack on AudioBox iTwo

as it appears that a stereo one would not work. just remembered that I have a effects loop on my guitar amplifier which is just 1/4" mono jack I seem to remember reading somewhere that I could you this with a normal guitar lead straight into the AudioBox iTwo after switching it to accept a line input as mentioned above.

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answered Nov 19, 2015 by matthewgorman (51,840 points)
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Input one is line or xlr. Input 2 is instrument or xlr, based on the button selection you mentioned.


Where you will get tripped up is in how pro audio works. A stereo signal is two mono signals, panned hard rt and lft. In home audio, stereo is one trs cable. I am not sure in your examples which part of the cable coming from the amp is carrying what.


For cables, and involving a mostly mono source like a guitar, there are 2 ways to connect. You can come out of the amp stereo via the 3.5mm, and then sum l+r to mono via the patching I referenced. Method 2 is to not sum, and just take one side of the l+r and trat it as mono. No real danger for a guitar, since both sides of the l+r have the same information. For a true stereo instrument like a keyboard, the l+r sides may be different based on the sound.
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