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After recent UC update (Dec 8 2017 build) I have lost the firewire connection

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asked Jan 2, 2018 in Ai Mixers by Techgrp (120 points)
reshown Jan 2, 2018 by chadschoonmaker
I have successfully used both the network and firewire interface for years now on our Ai 32.  Network for iPad control for in ears and firewire for UC at Mac / Capture / and Logic.  After recent update the device only appears as a network device and not firewire.  I am able to route aid from mac to the board just fine, but cannot control the board via firewire as we would like.

Please advise

Michael Wells

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answered Apr 10, 2019 by dewayne552 (630 points)
I did a firmware recover on my SL3242AI ( Turn mixer off, pull the FireWire Card, put in USB thumb drive with latest firmware release, turn on board. The update happens, turn off board again, replace card, remove thumb drive, turn on board again.)
In addition, because I have an iMac running High Sierra, I had to open System, goto Privacy and ‘Allow’ the PreSonus driver to load.