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Studio One Not Activating?

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asked Jan 2 in Studio One 3 by mikuhinata (120 points)
I had gotten The English bundle for Kagamine Rin/Len wiith Studio One for xmas. And after I managed to make out the guidelines from the Japanese text, I downloaded the software and installed it but my serial key that came in the bundle won't activate Studio One. My account is linked with my Google account so am I doing something wrong?

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answered Jan 3 by scoredfilms (5,110 points)
You may want to submit a support ticket for that. This area is primarily a user community area. That said, I did have a weird issue once (before I reinstalled Windows and fixed a lot of weird issues lol) where Studio One's activation kept resetting. I had to delete Windows authentication keys or something to that effect. I can't remember it too well but hopefully that might help you search for an answer while waiting to hear back from support.