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Is it possible to import track and plug-in settings from a previous song into a current one?

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asked Nov 19, 2015 in Studio One 3 by onegusty (410 points)
In Pro Tools, I can drag and drop a previous session onto my current one and then assign the old track settings and plug-ins and plug-in settings into my current song, thereby saving time and keeping my mixes very consistant.  Is there a way to do this with Studio One 3 besides the tedious and time consuming way of saving all my 'previous song' plug-in chains and then assigning the plug-in chains to the current song one track at a time?

Or is it possible to import a template to an existing song?

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answered Nov 19, 2015 by jpettit (12,070 points)
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But feel free to add it to the Studio One Feature Request area.
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answered Dec 23, 2015 by peterduun (1,070 points)

An easier way would be to create a template from an existing song. In case you are unfamiliar with templates just

1) Open your existing song

2) Delete all events in the arranger track (incl. automation, markers, blah blah)

3) Delete (all) files in the pool (not permanently though since they are still needed by the song itself)

4) Save as template.(IMPORTANT!!! do not save the song itself or you'll be very very sorry)

5) Now create a new song and select the template you just created


AFAIK you can not apply a saved template to an already open/created song - which makes kind of sense anyway. You have to create the song based on that particular template in the first place


BTW Studio One 3 can save an instrument with it's FX chain & routing as a preset. Very very cool feature (not sure about send FX though)

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answered Mar 14, 2016 by karimaziza (210 points)
Yes,you can Import some Data from other song:

Check this:
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answered Jan 30, 2018 by neiljordan1 (17,540 points)

A proper import session data feature is one of the top-voted items on here now. Hopefully it will happen soon!