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Simple "Sound on Sound" recording option for any single track, please

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asked Jan 8, 2018 in Recording by russwilson1 (790 points)
The function that I'd like to have available is simply this: if I am punching in at the end of a recorded phrase, to correct a mistake or carry on from a specific point where I may have dropped out of performing the track for whatever reason, I wish to be able to "layer" that punch-in over the existing audio without any muting of the previous take. Some refer to it as "sound and sound". This allows the guitarist, in particular, a hands free approach to punching in very quickly without setting punch points.

For example, I wish to punch in 2 seconds prior to the conclusion of the previous take in order to "pick up" where I left off. In these specific instances I need to hear the full performance of the previous take to it's end. This is particularly handy for the rough composing of ideas on the fly in the studio. Any edits to the previously recorded take can already be made quickly to accommodate the new recorded content including trimming, cross-fading, etc. The ability to do this is sorely missed from my working in Sonar Platinum prior to recently switching to Studio One 3 Pro. Again, this technique involves a bit of manual editing to simply trim the end of a take where there is a mistake or I've had a change of mind about the direction of the melody. That said, it's an intuitive and quick process instead of setting up automated punch-in points (although, Studio One makes punch in points rather easy to manage). I just find it easier to simply trim back the end of a take on the fly and either correct a mistake or change direction. I hope this consideration will be on the design table in the not too distant future.

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answered Jan 17, 2018 by AlexTinsley (924,920 points)
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Thank you for the feature request. 

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answered Mar 1, 2018 by davidrosen (310 points)
this is exactly what i came to this forum to ask for.
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answered Apr 28, 2018 by zepdpwbb (290 points)

I also need that function called "sound on sound" 

If not introduced that function soon, I will stop to use Studio One.

I really need that function.

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answered Jul 10, 2018 by patrickgoodrich (730 points)

Why are StudioOne3 users (i.e., purchasers) now constantly being required to vote for "features" that are common and basic to most other DAWS, even the "no cost" variety? Sorry...I just don't understand the logic with this approach. The developers should not base their software CORRECTIONS on what takes place in a Users Forum. Not all the comments and/or requests that get posted here are done so in the hope of garnering enough votes to see if the developers are paying attention. What's next - precincts? Hunger Games??? If these were complex, sophisticated editing features beyond what's available elsewhere - and StudioOne 3 certainly has its share of these - I could see it. But "sound on sound"??? Les Paul is turning over in his grave. angry As. for myself, I'm still trying to figure out why the recorded tracks are being erased when the stop record function is selected. This currently "default" response in StudioOne 3 was a "feature" of the least reputable, usually alcoholic, analog studio owners who insisted on being their own recording engineer, back before the hogs ate my little brother. WAIT! WHAT YEAR IS THIS?!?

MAC IOS High Sierra v10.13.4
iMac (Retina 4K, 21.5-inch, Late 2015)
Processor: 3.1 GHz Intel Core i5
Memory: 8 GB 1867 MHz DDR3
Graphics: Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6200 1536 MB

Studio One3 Pro v.3.5.6

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answered Aug 15, 2018 by russwilson1 (790 points)
Still no formal response to this request. C'mon guys, this isn't rocket science.
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answered Sep 14, 2018 by michaeledwards15 (260 points)
I just updated to S1Pro 4.1 hoping this would show such luck. No real use for S1 unless I can record in a manner to fit my work flow. S1sits idle. All the Sonar Platinum users must be frustrated trying to switch to S1 Pro...
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answered Nov 21, 2018 by andrewpalmer4 (390 points)
edited Nov 21, 2018 by andrewpalmer4
Hello all, long long time Sonar refugee here. Im looking to make my way over to Studio One v4. I rely so heavily on that feature that I didn't know until it was gone how much I needed it.

I have found 1 half of the solution to this issue.

1) Enable "play overlaps"

2) Enable Takes to layers

This enables takes ( the same as in Cakewalk ) so new recording stay in the same track but underneath as a layer that can be edited in and the enable play overlaps feature is like the blending part so new layers will not override the existing audio but get added.

Now the only remaining puzzle piece is how to actually hear the armed track during recording!!
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answered Dec 8, 2018 by jbrudny (290 points)
C'mon PreSonus.  It's pretty obvious this needs to be an added feature asap.  No reason why this can't be easily added to an update.
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answered Dec 9, 2018 by russwilson1 (790 points)

Please, any time now PreSonus, this request is basic stuff. To hear the complete playback when the track is armed/engaged in record should be an obvious function. We're not working with tape here. Eagerly awaiting this important workflow solution! I've invested in S4 now hoping for an update soon. I'm a fan: the audio in Studio One is truly excellent and a majority of the workflow process is exceptional. Thanks for the votes and responses, keep 'em coming users. Seems to be the only way the designers hear the noise we're making regarding this issue. I've been told in personal support communication that it is on the table, so there is hope for a fix in the future. The sooner the better guys!

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answered Feb 17, 2019 by scrade (580 points)
The lack of basic sound on sound recording function is the reason Reaper is still my main DAW.  I love so much about Studio One, but I can not upgrade to Professional version without sound on sound recording; it is a central feature of my workflow and allows me to quickly loop record layers of backup vocals, allows me to quickly record over mistakes, etc....   It seems so incredibly basic that I can't understand how it was never added.
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answered Feb 18, 2019 by russwilson1 (790 points)
If we are to continue to use the studio as a primary tool of improvisation and composition, this feature, this BASIC feature needs to be added. This is so fundamental to workflow I can't believe it's not being addressed. Again, I'm a bigger fan and more convinced of Studio One's excellence at every other turn each time I use it, but the lack of this feature just simply ****** me off.

BASIC workflow function Presonus!!!
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answered Feb 21, 2019 by jamesrussell14 (420 points)
Yes, please.  Love Studio 1 but this is one of the few issues that I find crazy.  The layering takes is so much more inconvenient than just blending sound-on-sound takes.
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answered Mar 24, 2019 by scrade (580 points)
I did upgrade to Studio One Pro 4 last week.  It's just the lack of audio overdub/sound on sound feature that bugs me.  My $60 Reaper has it.  

When I record backup vocals, I like to loop record on one track -I can really build layers quickly.  In Studio One I have can't do that and hear the previous recorded vocals.  I have to simply record one take, stop and move that audio clip to a second playback track, then repeat--this works, but I have to interrupt my workflow.

If I was smarter, maybe I could figure out how to create a macro which would automatically move each recorded take to a different track when the loop recording hits the end point.  

The other way this affects my workflow: I prefer to record guitar/bass and any other live instrument by recording all of the choruses, verses, breaks at once.  This is easy with audio overdub/sound on sound audio recording because I can hear the lead up, then record next part, then just adjust envelope and any crossfades quickly.

Basically, if we had the same basic option as midi overdub for audio it would simplify and speed up audio recording.

I anyone is good at this macro creation stuff and thinks it's possible to create a macro work around-it would be very interesting.
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answered Jul 25, 2019 by taylorbatory (730 points)
I'm looking for a feature just like this too.  Being able to punch into pre-existing takes while hearing everything up to that point is a feature I used a lot in Pro Tools.  I would be right at home if this feature came to S1.
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answered Jul 30, 2019 by shawnrainey (500 points)
yes I agree.. I need to be able to hear this.. the only work around and is kinda a pain is to make another track just for recording punch ins and moving the clips down to the track you want it on.. very annoying.. I am an ex Sonar user myself. This seems like its a no brainer feature that needs to be added ASAP!! .. This has really screwed up my work flow from the past 10+ years..
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answered Nov 12, 2019 by wisomr (150 points)
So I use Cakewalk by Bandlab (=Sonar).

I really want to use Studio One. But I need "Sound on sound" recording option.

"play overlap" and "takes to layers" features of Studio One are not good.

Because I want to hear previous recording takes while I record new take like "Cakewalk" does.

Someone said, "Just make another new track!"

But if you are guitar of bass players, You know that "Sound on sound" recording like "Cakewalk" is very easy to record bass or guitar.
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answered Jan 8, 2020 by ianwindmill (410 points)

Very frustrating the S1 does not support this feature - particularly as this request has just reached its 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!

Come on PreSonus - help us out please?

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answered Mar 17, 2020 by mrdave45 (150 points)
I have exactly the same issue. I first became aware of this when round at a friends house and he was using cubase, and i couldnt understand why it cut out when recording, or have to use punch points and have that horrible gap ensuring that if you come in a few samples early it wont click. Im looking for a new daw now that sonar is essentially dead. Have tried bandlab but that seems somewhat glitchy and I dont really care for the interface. I really like sonar 8.5 but unfortunately that can be a bit iffy on bounce down. Currently I do all the composition in 8.5 then mix down in platinum. For years i've considered a new daw and i only really had 2 features that I cant live without. One was integrated vocal correction that you dont have to sit around recording audio into the plug in like v vocal did back in 2005. That was fixed with ARA. And the other was being able to record and playback simultaneously on the same track with overlapping audio. I cant understand why anyone would copy a limitation of tape.
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answered Sep 8, 2020 by markrounds1 (160 points)
I am also looking to get this request moving forward!   I rely on this feature quite a bit as I have used it is Cakewalk for years.  I really hope this gets looked at.

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answered Oct 29, 2023 by lbolen (960 points)
It's obvious that the developers do not read these forums.