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Simple "Sound on Sound" recording option for any single track, please

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asked Jan 8 in Recording by russwilson1 (270 points)
The function that I'd like to have available is simply this: if I am punching in at the end of a recorded phrase, to correct a mistake or carry on from a specific point where I may have dropped out of performing the track for whatever reason, I wish to be able to "layer" that punch-in over the existing audio without any muting of the previous take. Some refer to it as "sound and sound". This allows the guitarist, in particular, a hands free approach to punching in very quickly without setting punch points.

For example, I wish to punch in 2 seconds prior to the conclusion of the previous take in order to "pick up" where I left off. In these specific instances I need to hear the full performance of the previous take to it's end. This is particularly handy for the rough composing of ideas on the fly in the studio. Any edits to the previously recorded take can already be made quickly to accommodate the new recorded content including trimming, cross-fading, etc. The ability to do this is sorely missed from my working in Sonar Platinum prior to recently switching to Studio One 3 Pro. Again, this technique involves a bit of manual editing to simply trim the end of a take where there is a mistake or I've had a change of mind about the direction of the melody. That said, it's an intuitive and quick process instead of setting up automated punch-in points (although, Studio One makes punch in points rather easy to manage). I just find it easier to simply trim back the end of a take on the fly and either correct a mistake or change direction. I hope this consideration will be on the design table in the not too distant future.

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answered Jan 17 by AlexTinsley (695,300 points)
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Thank you for the feature request. 

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answered Mar 1 by davidrosen (190 points)
this is exactly what i came to this forum to ask for.
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answered Apr 28 by zepdpwbb (220 points)

I also need that function called "sound on sound" 

If not introduced that function soon, I will stop to use Studio One.

I really need that function.

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answered Jul 10 by patrickgoodrich (320 points)

Why are StudioOne3 users (i.e., purchasers) now constantly being required to vote for "features" that are common and basic to most other DAWS, even the "no cost" variety? Sorry...I just don't understand the logic with this approach. The developers should not base their software CORRECTIONS on what takes place in a Users Forum. Not all the comments and/or requests that get posted here are done so in the hope of garnering enough votes to see if the developers are paying attention. What's next - precincts? Hunger Games??? If these were complex, sophisticated editing features beyond what's available elsewhere - and StudioOne 3 certainly has its share of these - I could see it. But "sound on sound"??? Les Paul is turning over in his grave. angry As. for myself, I'm still trying to figure out why the recorded tracks are being erased when the stop record function is selected. This currently "default" response in StudioOne 3 was a "feature" of the least reputable, usually alcoholic, analog studio owners who insisted on being their own recording engineer, back before the hogs ate my little brother. WAIT! WHAT YEAR IS THIS?!?

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