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"Track Emphasis" option to enable during recording or playback

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asked Jul 30 in Recording by simonjameslane (830 points)
"Track Emphasis" - make an armed track slightly louder during recording or playback if desired, at a user set amount e.g. 6db etc.

e.g. Say you want to record a bass part, and want to monitor just the drums a little louder, but only during recording. If these settings were options available to toggle on/off on any given track (treated like Groups) this would mean even if you recorded a new pass, or made a completely new track/bus/signal chain, for that instrument/take or any other, you would instantly be able to recall those fader settings just whilst recording for monitoring purposes. This could really speed up and improve the quality of takes recorded.

I am happy to elaborate more on this if anyone would like. I think it is important to distinguish this feature as separate from 'scenes' on the console, as well as macros, as "Track Emphasis" would be inherently pegged to the sequencer, a la punch recording, but extra points for enabling further options related to this via Macros as well ;)

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answered Aug 23 by jazzundso (103,250 points)
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